Polyurethane Foam Spray


Polyurethane Foam Spray

IS a material consisting of mixing two materials by means of a special machine for this purpose with a thickness of 3 cm of foam as a water, thermal and weatherproof insulation.

because because it is a derivative of petroleum, it is aromatic, it turns yellow after a period of drying, and therefore a protective layer is made for it to protect from sunlight in addition to preventing moisture.

And it works as a waterproofing,which doubles the insulation strength hundreds of times over any other insulation by traditional methods.

Foam Features:

1- The foam is a strong insulator and is considered the strongest thermal and water insulator in particular.
2- The foam withstands weather conditions and fluctuations.
3- The foam adheres completely to the insulated surface.
4- The foam works to lock and fill any vacuum on the surface with ease.
5- The foam turns to its final shape in minutes.
6- The foam does not need to flatten the surface before it or a layer of layer.
7- A finishing can be made over ceramic foam, tiles, or any type of finishing.
8- The foam guarantee period is up to 10 years.
9- It can be sprayed on all kinds of concrete, metal or other surfaces.

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